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Monday, January 13, 2003

Leapin lolo! The Wizz havw climed into 5th place in the eastern conference. SUre they are only .001% out of the 8th spot, but in the hotly contested playoff b attle, the wizards are contesting with warmth. I cant say enough aboiut O-Towns presence. He is VERY present and knotty.

A big game this week against the Magic Pans, and holy crap articles aplenty about Orlando trying to pry Kwame free and endanger his complexion to a ruthless sunshine state!! Salieri hasnt tired of the big manchild yet, for he is too envioous of his skills, unless his bid is to keep him to ruin him. Requiem for a Kwame? Not if we can help it. Salieri should get tired first of mising 3 fourth quarter layups. Some say Sally cant dance no more!! but not us mostly!

And god bless Jerry Stack and his strained groin that he played through. Easy on Jerry GWiz with your sky-blue ductile 2-ply rig. Jerry cant be your bareback cowboy and slash and deliver. Careful Geronimo Wiz, lest we brand you with the insightly and damning name of "ONO FLOAT".

Best wizznutzz news of the week though was to see Robert Pack come out of retirement to sign a 10-day contract for the Minnesotan TWolves of the "Association". When in comes to mr robert pack it is proven that moist heat is hotter than dry heat at the end of the day.

And leave Lebron James alone will you! He a childman and Narcissus In Training, and you are angry cause he is amateir and has a phat ride??!!
Well LeBrons mom protests kurtly: "I GAVE MY SON A HUMMER!""" Case closed mr white writers with hair parted to the side.

James - 2:34 PM




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