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Monday, January 27, 2003

Its intern Kens day in the sun today. I mean it really is, cause he earned a day out for going so far beyond where others go beyond, to find nuggets like this beauty that the Wizznutzz bring strong as only we can. (note the books title, then scroll down to the 7th or eight reviewer!!)

and holy moly, the law of the man child!! This seems confusing but half way down it seems that these Christians strongly state that circumcision "aborts the manchild"!!"!!!.

Does this means KwBrown has small hands AND a foreskin?

Is Kwame a FORIE???!!!!!!!!!!!

Its OK brother Kwame, if this is the source of your locker-room dread and non-showering, and Coach COllins calling you cheeseman!! because I, Darvin ham, an a Forie too!!! !!!!!! Brothers sporting Gods Hoodies gotta stick together!!! Dont crawl under your fleshy probiscus to block out the barbs, roll back your soft top and ride proud in the sun of god! Son too!!!!!!!

James - 6:51 PM




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