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Monday, January 13, 2003

Heres a really dedicated look at Michael Jordans present game.
Uncanningly, the article about Salieri quotes an older guy called Bach!!

Bach sticks by Salieri and tells young Mozart to keep his paws of the crown for a time!
Welcome fans of polyphonic baroque and Salzburgians who went to google one too many times: We be the Wizznutzz for all your classikall droppings of knoweldge!! Cool symmetries!

Wizznutzz omnimedia officially launching public service announcment campaign enbtitled:

"Orlando: A BadLand: O, Dont Trade KWAME!!"

In talks with Matt Leblanc for hosting 5k fun run to raise awareness. If I saw people running from Matt Leblanc and having fun I would ask some questions!

Here are some reasons to Kwame(we know you are fervent wizznutzz ascriber) the heir narcissus, NOT to go to Ortlando:

1. Violence and Pain: Orlando is 4th higest US city for Road Rage! and hsas highest rate of senior citizens dying in cars, mosty of them dying no doubt trying to kill younger people. Also Orlando is a top 5 crime rate city! Black onm black, white on white, old on white violence of all kinds.! And People in florida even kill Germans, English folks and Canadian types willy nilly!

2. Orlando: Mandingo: Racists and Uncle Toms abound, like swamp rats. Hillbillies, voodoo types, and Clarence "Supreme Fondler" Thomas and the real Stepin Fetchit "comic" are all from Florida!

3. Baby Snatching Explorers: In 1500 and some a guy with a suspicious name of "Ponce De Lyon", came to America even before Americans came, and he landed in Florida looking for a "fountain of youth". Kwame, I assure you if he went that far he will not stop hunting our youth. Ponce will return with a sack and collect you to trade your youthful blood for spices!

4. Sea Cows: The States Marine animal is a Manatee. That might be what they call it but where Im from its no less than a Sea Cow! Thats right Kwame, COws in the Sea! Whgat kind of a place is THIS!

We love you Kwame and we believe you are home. WIzznutzz fans send in your appeals to kwame and why YOU hate orlando and we will post them to him on this site or deliver them by hand as we know his address!

James - 5:10 PM




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