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Thursday, January 23, 2003

Heres ajoke i heard today that is forshadowing things for my thoughts today:
" how do you know when its bed time at michael jacksons ranch?"
"When the big hand touches the little hand..""

The Wizards were on Tv for all the nation to see last nite. They lost to the retardo hornets and fell from 5th to 8th mostly cause got "murdered on the boards" and cause other stuff, but it was a great nite for the wizznutzz for lots of reasons.

First Salieri moved past Dirty Rooter Wilt Chamberlain on the alltime scoring list: no NOT that kind of scoring!! But I say size isnt everything, its only something, but more on size and men later.

Also Robert Pack exacted revenge on the bullets and his hair, and was very Greek at one point with Tye Lue. He looked so young too. Black Pack Dont Crack!! We love robert pack , his hunched hemlocks, tough brocolli and final yield, as well and his furtive thighs and hardcourt needs! Say no more!

Next up, Rev. Fangorn of O-Town was brawling and representing. Sure he said after the game that "You got to fight . . . that's part of leadership. Didn't nobody bleed." cauze hes publicly a peacemamker, like the Wizznutzz gang sign brings peace to the world with finger play,
but his body language, (especially when he peeled of his jersey to show his hulking chest and brian cardinal laughing shows that brian is definitely OTown's Chaser property. Bought him for 10 kools and a bobble head doll they say,.). but his body language was saying "

"Im Icin', Im Tyson,..Im A SOLIDIER AT WAR!!"
PJ Brown, PJ must stand for "Pantywaist. J."

ANd speaking of panties, big business is trying to ruin Wizznutzz.!!

DANA and her appetite has gone out west to Vegas SUper SHow to sample (spy on) "NBA4Her" products, espcially Super Show Booth 2618A where the underwear is at.. SO we can consider copyright violation procdeures except that ALderman Unseld advised us that ORIGINAL (tm) Jahidi Intimates are hung out to dry as Jahihidi Whites head is the property of David Stern and when he dies, his daughter gets the head as per collectibve bargaining agreement. So we just yell "I still respect you mister stern" and FOUL PLAY, and dana will gather together Bejeweled bandanas from China Moon Rags even tho "China Moon Rags" is Kevin Duckworths chubb/chaser online handle.

We are not beaten howvever and have moved quickly into production of ladies NBA lowrider stretch pants called "Mr Skiles' Crotchless Moleskins" (tm). "We are Stylish and absorbent Guys!"(tm)

And finally we officisally wage a holy war against espn nba announcer Mike Tirico i think. We shoot first though, ask question later Micahel. For 2 reasons we have pent up feelings:

One MiTirico called Jermaine O'Neal "Manchild". Excuse me?!! Jermaine O'Neal is like 25??? He's a man, or a Mantweener tops!! KwBrown, remains preeminent Manchild of the Association. (Kwame was very footloose last night too: give him the ball Stackhouse you blind bleeder, and OTown)

SO thats bad enouigh, but the MiTiricoman and Bill Waltons keep teasing KwBrown about his small hands!!!! Screw you, id like to see your hands Tirico, stop hiding your mouse grippers behind the microphone. Laura FLynn Boyle likes small hands. And small hands are good for lots of things: like opening bottles of dressing, and playing poker with small cards, working with sliced meats, and cleaning the munition casings at Oscar Schindlers factory. Not like your Bad-Touch big-hands. Only person with big hands who did anything good is God, our creator. He uses his big hands to soften our falls and smite our enemies.

Whereas little handed people are gods children:

Little hands clappin'
Children are travelin'
Little hands claspin'
Truth they are graspin'
A world with no pain
For one and all
And they are learnin'
Souls they are yearnin'
Nice place to play
And no place to fall
Come let us be there
Come let us be there

Juan DIxon has small, and clean hands. ANd he said this in Kwames' defence:

"when i was a kid in sunday school our preacher always told us: Oh be careful little hands what you do. God is up above. He is looking down in love. So be careful little hands what you do. It sounds like a silly song, but damn that song almost ruined my dating life! You know, I'd be out there in a car and just when I'm ready to make the move, this voice from heaven says, 'Be careful little hands, what you do.' And then next thing im upstairs cleaning my hands until the desperate pain between my legs receded."

Here is a really challenging article that is worth reading though cause even though its not about basketball or bacon, it still has a lesson to teach about why Kwame is the heir narcissus and that lesson is "little hands teaching big hands".

And When you get to the line that says "A quorum of teenage boys is converging around Prober.", you can stop what you are doing and think about God looking down in love for a while.

James - 5:00 PM




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