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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Encyclopedia Kw Brown here with links galore , its like a Budweiser Superfest at Merriweather Post but instead of electric soul acts and screaming fans and sexy black women, its a lonely guy at a computer pretending to be enthusiastic!!!! KEN!! Sorry everyone, ignore that last part!
ANyway, some redhot links Superfanzz!!!:

Rick Telander discusses the self sullying of salieri. Blasphemer!:
"His love of the game is like that of a child...His selfishness is grand...His social skills are those of a cobra with a flock of birds." Why are yopu complainging? Cant an aging Black Narcissus catch a break these days? Nothing fills me with sorrow like seeing sentimentally retarded middle age white men lose their sports-fan innocense.

Wizz fave Calvin Booth is on the block!! Bring back booth to the phone booth! ANd most patient Juwan!! WHo according to this article has paid his dues! and paid them strongly, with ABe Pollins money!

More Kwame trade nonsense, the mainchild is no Sally Field!

First Rod STrickalnd buttocks, the Jerrys swollen loins, now former wizz COurtney Alexander has experienced nether-regional complaints!! Never put your keys in the big blue mans bowl young black men everywhere!!

ANd lastly, we ran Darvins Frosted Mini Hams by an advertising team that likes to place products, and they used there special robot to suggest some slogans:

You're Never Alone with a Darvins Forsted Mini Ham
Men Can't Help Acting On Darvins Frosted Mini Hams.
Shake the Bottle, Wake the Darvins Frosted Mini Hams.
The Future's Bright. The Future's Darvins Frosted Mini Hams.
I Saw Darvins Frosted Mini Hams and I Thought of You.
Watch Out, There's a Darvins Frosted Mini Hams About.
Live in Your Darvins Frosted Mini Hams, Play in Ours.
Ding-Dong! Darvins Forsted Mini Hams Calling!
Splash Darvins Frosted Mini Hams All Over.
The Darvins Frosted Mini Hams of your Life.
Tonight, Let It Be Darvins Frosted Mini Hams..
Because So Much Is Riding On Your Darvins Forsted Mini Hams.

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