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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Boy a lowly lowdown lolo loss to be sure, at home.

Only 8 Raptors dressed for the game!!, meaning up to 4 raptors were naked under league rules!! Now wonder foam-whore GWiz jogged straight into the visitors tunnel at halftime and Gandalf the Blue didnt emerge till late in the forth looking slighly deflated! And smelling of analgesic.
Wow a rough time for the wizz. Kwame spent much of his minutes standing in the corner repeating affirmations to himself and coming to termz with hiz body, tho he did have a cupple Olympian dismissals . Larry Hughes seemed hampered by something, maybe it was the small bandage above his tailbone , that he denied that it was covering a new "Maurice Gibb RIP" tatoo.

And Charles Oakley brought back potent memories of Bumfights I used to watch in Balitomore, back in the days when Bums fought for pride, bnefore they sold out for money and crack. If there was an upside to it all, Juan Dixon was popping off like a cracked magnum of his signature line of first-reserve twice-pasteurized champage.

The great news was how touching it was to see the warm reunion of former Mobile Revelers standouts Rafer Alston and Wiz fave BOBBY SIMMONS!!!! But It was a sad truth that Bobby Simmons was the Revelers leading scorer this year, and didnt get on the court while "dont fear the" Rafer and Lowgator Damone Brown ripped the Wiz apart.

Boy , the Magic Pan showdown is looming larger than KwBrowns budding nubility.

James - 11:27 AM




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