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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Well you can now listen to our radio appearance mp3s!!! Its very excitoing to be part of the bramstein family, even though it meant the locks on the family brownstone had to be changed to keep disowned ex-son Phiul Wood out. We nevr liked phil anywya, hes the kinda of brother thast would correcvt your grammar when you just wanted to get drunk and forget about the world. He brought us great displeasure. Maybe he can build a land that time stood still in his condominium, a washington senators ballpark contructed with the first edition crap knacks of his wasted existence and sears catalog underwear ads from the 40s when he last got an erection listening to carole king and spilling his bitter seeds upon them, remebered by none but me as the Philip Larkin of sports radio.
Anyway!! The wizards will win tongiht, a DARVIN GUARANTEE or I will bare my ass on wizznutzz.com.! My promise to you!!

James - 4:51 PM




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