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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

We DO love robo! Indeed-ais-vous! Going out on a bang tonight agaist San Antonio. Father Times Salieri and Sister Christian should resolve to give kwame the playing time. Maybe Dana and I can think of some resolutions tonight, while we gather around the tv for a very special seasonal moment. Here are some final shout outs from 2002. Shout out to Elevatorman for advancing RA!!!

SHout out too johnnyknox2006 for putting a link to the Wizznutzz on his dope edutainment site: we have our fans to thank for everything, excempt that rash dana got: thanks for nothing Rod Strickland!! ANd a shout out to whoever buys me this Kwame Brown floor tile, that will be the centrepiece of my 1/4 scale replica of Glynn Academy High School Gym!

Also, MJ is now giving out shoes to guys that beat him. Looks like hes trying to launder his gambling assets to escape clutches of Juaniuta Dixon Jordan and the IRS!! Ken Beatice gave me his shoes when I beat him!

HOLD THE PRESS. KWAME ARTICLE IN ESPN MAgazine!!! Our voices have been heard!! Jahidi you chubb bastard dont ever lay your flippers on that child again! DOes he look confident to you? Pick on someone your own size like. We repect and love you KWBrown. And ESPN calls MJ a modern day Sisyphus!!!.
Jealous they are that they didnt think of Salieri first, so this is the best they come up with? World wide leader in immitations more like it.

And of course:
Happy new year from the WIzznutzz family!!

James - 4:51 PM




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