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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Thats very sad news Dana. But what was even sadder was watching sportscenter highlights of Scottie Pippen dunkin over Laetner many many times! Kwame kicks your ass C....Late! But the good news is, Randell Jackson is playing strong and fragile in Israel!!! His status is "foreign". I could have told them that!! That Shiksa is from another planet! Hes the Rodman of Israel! Bring peace to the middle east, envoy of skillzz!
Else notezz: Christmas is coming soon, and the wnutzz would love these shoes!! Yes, Ralph played for the bullets. Once you get a taste you always come back. Good times.
That Peasant Cultivator Lynam made us regret his amicable departure last night. Kwame though, is still the Original BronBron, ManCHild, Black Narcissus, black lagoon discovering his purposefull body. More playing time for KwBrown until Juan comes back and they can reattch him to the circuitry harness on kwames back to play as one technical supermachine. Heal flippers, heal! Remeber medical trainer, Jahidi need to be wet down reguklarly or hell overheat and overrespirate, and then his coordination drops. Further.

James - 5:06 PM




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