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Friday, December 06, 2002

Some more quality Wizznutzz links here!! Al Qaeda is communicating through a rex chapman fan page!! And rex in high school!..
2 reasons for Kwames struggles, i put forth to you. First of all, his dads a stonecold murderer. Second of all, Kwames said when he goes pro he has to step up and "give 50%". And he doesnt like to run! woah.
Turn out Jimmy the Rat Lynam is actually Jimmy The Rat O’Laigheanain! His family live in the Fens with fellow Erenaghs, and he comes from a long line of a "peasant cultivators". Where as now he lives in Portland with his fellow Men's Warehouse catalog models and OTB nogoods. Long hail the Peasant Cultivator, Prince of Landover, !! His crest indicated sincerity, but alos the mark of bastadry!! aka APollins InVitro Evil farm of genetistry!!
Things were different in Jeff Ruland's Day.
Tough game for the Wiz tonight!! But they be prevalin and perpetratin!

James - 3:51 PM




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