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Monday, December 30, 2002

Seems like the tide is truning against Sister Christian. Look at what Heidi Hates! It saddens us so, and not so too.
What makes us very happy is this Voodoo Mishima experimental poetry, for obious reasons!!!!!!!!

And to high water with the M1W (mules of the first world) high priestess Michael Wilbonbon for dissing kwame for hey-bonny-bonny's nave early season speculatiungs. , cause when kwame looks bad, jordan looks bad so blame none but our selves, THE Original Black Narcissus. ANd the nice thing about black narcissi is that their egotism is an anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity. Triumph of the WIlbon I think not.

And attnetion to the actor who played Dudley on DIfferent Strokes, why dont you return wizznutzz emails? Mister Shavar Ross was in benson and paved the way for young black actros in mcgyver and did voices for monchihi and found the lord to boot! (I always knew macgyvcers cabbage gun was holy). You are we are major entertainiment personalities both: why not love god together? We are unchurched. We fear god and dudley!

James - 4:09 PM




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