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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Man DANA is so right-on! Ratko Varda was released which means he has to return to Yugoslavia aka serbi-serbs for compulsory Military Service!!!! Sleep in my attic Ratko, I will tell authorites you are contractor from wheaton!! The Yugoslav military is no joke. Except the surfboard army. Thats a good one!
As for Kwames DNP, aka Doug Ne C'est Pas, aka Danas Not Pleased, aka Darvins Neat Pate Doth Protest, aka DOug kNows Peanuts, we are heartstricken here. Our flags are at half mast. Mine has been since '97!! I was going to reset the Kwame Acne COmplexion meter, but it doesnt go to 9!!! SUch are KwBrowns bumps. Give KwRespect old timers.
Lots oif fresh new wizznutzz things on the site. Rod Strickland Arcade game!! and Official Wizznutzz Gang signs!! Big game tonight as Wizz return to the turf of the South-Side Sheeds, and the West Portland Strange Lynams.
Go wizz!!!

James - 5:47 PM




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