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Monday, December 16, 2002

Lolo my rolo. they blew up the caps centre!! SHame about James getting the shaft from the Bram Weinstein family. Passive aggressive Weisntein angry about James "inviting" Ratko coming to Hannulkah? Its not James fault he has to assume the role of a modern day Oscar Schindler and rescue Lt Pvt Varda from the Yugsolav Secret Police. He didnt get to tell his exclusive Ledell Eackles choking story, but maybe another time. Anyway, Kwame and the gang entertained the young ones!!:

J. Stack was notebly absent. JEALOUS???

It was great for kwame especially. He is closer in age to those kiddies than to MJ!
Leading wiz scorer per 48 minutes? Juan DIxon! We miss you juan.

James - 4:49 PM




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