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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

It was a great game indeed! And a big game for Kwame who made his Georgia homecoming last night, playing for the first time after missing last season's games in Atlanta with injuries.Before the game Manchildingo said:
"Hopefully, I can sit on the bench and get a feel for the game when the starters go out, calm my nerves down a little bit, try not to do anything stupid and play hard," said Brown, who bought 22 tickets for the game. "I had a couple of friends, family, we hung out. It felt good to be part of the fellas again, where I don't have to be anything but myself."
Well it was a Break Out Game for kwame. His skin broke out and all that is!!! BURN!!! SIke, we love you to death Kay Dubya!!!
Jahidi FLippers is on the come back trail, BUT, coming back as WHAT!: "Besides his knee, the burly White also has significant conditioning issues. Though White's weight is unknown, he has been unable to do significant aerobic work..."
ANyone seen Jahidi around recently? He may be at 400 bills! Jahidi, dont worry, the enemy is not the burger, its yourself! Here is some interesting Jahidi is Real Fat stuff. A Fat Acceptance Blog!! . And A Revolutionary fairy tale about a fat black man and a cabbage head!!?? And only we can bring you thids: Maury Chaykin and other big men naked!!!.
Also, Here are some pictures tracing fat worship through history!!

Venus of Willendorf
One of many prehistoric fertility figures believed to have had ritual capabilities.
These realist sculptures were the images of their gods, who they imagined looked just like themselves

Rubens, The Bacchanal
Approx. 1618, oil on canvas. The body of Rubens day was abundant, bulbous bellies and buttocks hang loosely with cellulite dimples.

Slowinski, Fat Black Guy
1995, acrylic on canvas.The black figure in Slowinski’s painting is symbolic of urban black America, tortured by McDonalds, Kentucky Fried and government sponsored lotteries

Like Wes said, We like to look at pictures of ourselves cause we are born, live and are held prisoner in our bodies. One thing is for sure, most science guys would wage that Jahidi is a most FERTILE wizard judging from the evolutions of his folds.
Please sent in your Jahidi the Whale snaps!! Bring your shame out of the shadows. Its just that you are big boined. And also fat.

And MOST DISTURBING and EDUTAINING of all: JAHIDIS GUIDE TO CHUBS and CHASERS!!! Net nanny: these arent the chubs and chasers from Harry Potter!!!

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