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Friday, December 27, 2002

I'm with you the Very Reverend Dana Von Call In Girl, you are best CIG since a Gnome Named Gnorm.
From now on the Wizznutzz bestow the nickname on Michael Jordan of Michael "Salieri" Jordan. "Ground Jordan" indeed, more like Air Brimley von Limelighter. So suitable is this nickname, and so abundantly smart it is, that we will be registering it for trademark shortly, with proceeds from our booming online store, which had its first sale over christmas. (Somewhere a woman Maryrose Flannagan's little mites are bright eyed in their non-flame retardant hoodies and gayly allergenic dotcom tote bags. And we the richer for it! Buy your products now, like the new Bad Touch Bram Bear and JJ Logo Mugs Mug. Some of these items will be rare soon, as our commercial team has informed us that by mispelling our logo, we may be confusing brand loyalty and jeopardizing PRODUCT!!!

(Dear Nobel Prize Patrol: we nominate the Gar Heard Robot. He is against poverty and for bacon!!)

Back to Salieri(TM pending). He said he felt like putting a pillow on his head after the game. Maybe Big Chief Jahidi could administer the pillow for him. And how. Hard and smothering and plus-sized like only a Chubb knows how.
Salieri and his cronies are crunch-time mules. No doubt. Larry hughes is our best shooter and rebounder and hes a playground snapper.
DOnt get me started on KWAME. The mans a court shark, mozart mozt definitely!! He showed grit in crunch time, didnt get good bounces but at least drove the damn ball. THE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE! Young people R in a condition like permnent intoxication, because youth is sweet and they are growing.

And "Sister" Christian Laetner (aka "Sir, can you describe the man that stole your minutes?" "Yeah he was a tall white dude with mean feet"), Night Ranger sang a song about you once, and you doth front if not to heed these words:

Sister Christian
Oh, the time has come
And you know
That you're the only one to say
Where you going
What you looking for
You know those boys
Don't want to play no more
With you
It's true

I see you blow 3 layups, and have four turnovers and a double single, and get grouchy, and END JARED JEFFRIES SEASON! Thanks for mentoring the rookies by stealing their minutes and ENDING THEIR SEASONS. Lucky for you we respect all Wizards anbd Bullets and all ex ballerz, but we would respect you even more on the bench where we could admire your handsome civilian ways. I personally myself would like to see youn return to the australian children entertainment troupe The Wiggles. Thats capitol E Edutainment. I like it when you wore a yellow skivvy, black pants and a very kind smiling face.

ANd a quote for you Salieri, from CONFUSCIOUS, smartest man ever!:
"There are three things which the superior man guards against. In youth...lust. When he is strong...quarrelsomeness. When he is old...covetousness"
SO I say that to michael: guard your covetousness, press him, face him up!

James - 4:48 PM




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