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Monday, December 02, 2002

Hey WIzznutzz family! Its overwhelming to see the explosive participation on the message boards!! Keep it going! DONT LET THE TERRORISTS WIN!!!
Woah the ghost of bullets past is upon us with a losing streak AND an injury, to Juan OCDixon no less. Outrageous. Time to sign robert pack!!
I love juan. According to the Wash Post a horse called Juan DIxon came second in a race this weekend, and you know The Lemon Drop Kid aka Jimmy the rat Lynam bet his paycheck on that fillie!!! Thatll keep the sharks off his back for a week tops!
Some changes on the site today: we nutzz have organized a little. and added a new kwames complexion meter to judge his feelings and tones game by game basis! This week more great suprises to come! Including mp3 of the Bram weistein family and wizznutzz being on the air!!. "These guys are INSANE"(TM) sezz B Ram, where we talk IKE williams and Sea Dogs. REOPEN the sea dogs name vote!! Polling and Pollin irregularities!! Abe aka Pagan Goebells (mad scientist) Dobby Pollin slipped me $500 in Hoops-Dollars to enter Sea Dogs and then NOT to vote for it. But I voted 134,000 thousand times on the phone. My phone bill was enormous, and they dont take Hoops-Dollars at ATandT or at Good Guys, as CZbae found out the hard way! Votting hijinks, rigged, suspicions, Saddam Pollin, Hanging CHAD - is what they call Pat Ewing in the locker room shower. DONT BE DIRTY, its cause he fallsa asleep there, dreams of beans and such.
Wiazrads have a worse fade that Pervis Ellisons barber!!
Send in those Haikus, those links, and merchandise you would like to see. We are global company. Its all about world markets and all.

James - 5:46 PM




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