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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

wow, MJs "situation" is threatening to become a CIRCUS MAXIMUS!!!
Karla Knafel and her lawyer, Mr. Hannafan, announced yesterday that theyu need 5 million dollars on account of there silly names. And for childsupport. How much childsupport does a stillborn baby need??? You can get a clean bandana for a buck 99 and thatll get your baby around town, is what my aunt said last night. BUT thats OK cause my aunts crazy in the head, she got her BRAIN medicine from the National Health!!!.
MJs moonshadow unchild is haunting me now big time. If MJ is going to hire someone to lean on Karla Knafel Hannfan, I would recommend Jimmy the rat Lynam. Hes professionals professional, and is very clean.
Looking at GarGar helps me foprget about the BELOVED that has cursed the land lo these many years.

James - 1:58 PM




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