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Thursday, November 14, 2002

Wizznutzz getting mad feedback! People chatting Nutzz on other boards, here what they have to say!!!:
" LOL @ Kwame Brown with the Wish Bone Jar. HAHAHAH...." ---Clipsz 4 Life
"wow, thats horrible... this site is an embareassment to Wizards fans." --- Jazz(Fu)

"Wow, I think just by posting this here you have made this site huge since when I tried to go there it says that the sute has exceeded its bandwith allotment." ---prerak

And an interview with Jared Minute-Burgler Jeffries where we find out a nugget like this:
What's the best place (in Washington D.C.) to buy CDs, DVDs and video games?
"Best Buy. It's close by, and the prices and the selection are good. "
Wow, Jareds a beltway insider for surr!! And he likes video games, so yoiu can tell his Basal Ganglia is probably overstimulated. That makes me feel CRUNCHY!!!!!
Go wizz tonight!!!! vs Utah. Kill the mailman! Cut his head off (basketball wise, not for real!!) Increase the peace!

James - 6:24 PM




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