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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

The Wizz break over 500!!!! Everyopne is stepping it up bigtime. Jerry Blew His Stack!!! Kwame went "Browntown"! M found his J. GWiz Blew Jerry! HEY NOW! SO i had a dream about the team last night. This happens from time to time, and when it does Darvin likes to tell of his troubling vbisions. SO it all starts with me eating a tostada at the Rock, across from MCI center, and 2 guys in suits, and Blues Brothers hats and obviously fake moustaches that were in fact real, approached me and said "darvin ham" Yes. "Mr Ham, we are with the governemnt, please come with us". And they took me to a van and told me a disturbing tale. "Did you know mr Ham that you are part of an outlawed scientific program?" And then they set to explain me that i wasnt really adopted, but that Abe Pollin was running an Evil In-Vitro Farm in the 70s. There He poursued a life-long dream of creating a superhuman and Black Narcissus in his creepy lab below the MCI center.
Only now that the "Kwame Project" has succeeded, have we been able to crack the case, they tell me. I dont believe you guys.
"Well believe me", says a voice, and Wes unseld appears from the shadows. "iits true" said wes, and he started sobbing gently. "Im so ashamed: I was Mr Pollins lab assistant. I procured the fotesus. I was the "go-to" foetus wise. I helped create the Stolen Generation you see before you;" and with that he beckoned to the shadows of the van, and out came Popeye Jones, Ledell Eackles, Gheorge Muresan, Ike Austin, Mugsy Bpgues, and Manute Bol. Guys is it true? I said. Yes, BROTHER, spoke Popeye.
I am sorry to you all, said wes. I dont know how i can forgive myself for what I did, for the Horrible mutations!!! he said, placing his arm protectively around Ledell Eackles.
"Maybe there is a way", said one of the feds, loking at eachother with a smile. "Now that we have Mr Pollin behind bars, you guyts are all foster children of the evils of science, AND of the government.
And so it turned out, that they set us up in a Queen Anne 4 story fixer upper in Mt Pleasant where we all lived. Wes became our father, and we all elarned about the lessons of the world and got up to many Japes

And then I awoke. Sacry thing is, this kind of thing could be true, you know? ANyway, go wizz tonight!!!! ANd the soite has soime new things, 2 involvoing animals, and one involving forbidden love! Enjoy!

James - 5:38 PM




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