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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Well I said 10 games before we really get an idea of this team, and .500 aint so bad, but loook likes Jared Jeffries took minutes from Kwame lkast night. Thats just NOT ON! I dont care what matchups the sonics presented. And You will NEVER hear the wizznutzz saying things about michael jordan about he has "REINVENTED HIMSELF".
SO maybe the dream I had about he Abe Pollin In Vitro Farm could be possible after all: with Manute Bol pimping his genetic ludicrosuities for a minor league hockey stint. I mean its great for African Hockey and all but you could park a springbok in Manute's 5-hole!
SPorts Cenhter this morning opened woith a few ex-wizard gems. Darvin Ham flagrantly fouling Kareem Rush very hard DARVINNN!! DUnked!! Got ejected!! ANd Rasheed flagrantly fouling Stevie Francis. ALmost killed the little mite. Way to represent GUYZZZ!!

James - 4:29 PM




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