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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

I had some problems with booze this weekend too. And it prevented me from seeing thebgames. I have two drinky-aunts I share the tellie with, and one of them fell asleep o the remote for 2 straight days and dribbled and growled when i tried to pry it from beneath her fleshy hulks. SO im boxieboxscores, and kwames game is night and day these days. Thats what ebcomes with being a young boy in a big mans bodys. But thats better nthan the days of mitch richmond and scott skiles who were old men in small old boys bodies. Or manute bol who was an big man in small mans body all stretched out of shape. When that happens the feet are always the first thing to go. Its NBA for stgretch marks my friends, just ask manut, or cwhit, or mark price. 6 and 5! CHeck yourself wiz, going on the road soon, in search of some winzz, in search of america!!! Dont pick up Gar "Gar" Heard on the bus! he knows he shoudlnt be hitchhiking. DOnt enable the cautionary wayzz of Gar-Gar Binkzz.

James - 5:26 PM




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