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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Happy thanksgiving wizznutzz!!!! We have muchn to be thankful for, like Juan Dixon for example!!! they call him the quiet wizard and hes my new fav!!! He has heart, like manute bol, cause manutes gonna take his minor legue hockey royalties to buy some Semtex and drive a white boxtruck into the sudanse embassy sucj=h is his heartn and despair for his failed Africasn_American nightclub! Juan "Jaggers" DIxon has obseesive compulsive disorder, so says Esquire magazine. he washes his hands between warmups. I would wash my hand too if i was sharing the stall with Wes "brother of ALderman" Unseld. Juan OCDixon is obsssed with steals!! He likes to steal repetively and give lift, and give lift strongly. I still love kwames though. Its time to reaafirm myu commitmment to love KwBrown this weekend, and to indians and pie. The wiz are sliding down a slippery slope but juan will break the fall this weekend. Keep Larraby Hughes on the bench I say, with his aassist to turnover ratio, they shoukl call him "Indian Giver"! Most timely!
In sad news, wizznutzz sorry to report that the Cap. Centre aka US Airways Arena will be demolished soon! Wes Unseld and some former Bullets great have been invited to entomb Chais Boullez to the PG COunty earth. True story! In a related news item, Lorenzo Knee Williams has been invited to the arena to be honored for his service on center court the very same day! "Hello, where is everyone??" says Lorenzo.
But we love lorenzo though. How much so! That we have a clock to coundown to the sad and inevitabkle day when he is no longer under contract. A little somehting called Lorenzos CLock. Not Lorenzos Oil, which maybe Lorenzo should have rubbed on his patellas from time to time.

James - 4:32 PM




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