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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Great to have you back DanaDANE!!! Tonight, a A Wizzbutzz exclusive: free TRIAL NBA "KWAMEPASS". Thats right!! I said: "NBAKWAMEPASS". Just stay tuned here yo wizznutzz and Ill bring you kwame updates all night long!! WHile I eat Caramel Nips, and listen to Dave Johnson. Dana and I are interactive tonight!!!! Dana sends in this LIVE TRIAL kwamepass stat:
wizz 1st in lowest points against, 1st in FG percentage, 1st in 3 pt, 5th in something else. You can IM DANA at CPorter56 (not her real name, but you can understanhd, post gamje show perverts bothering her at home, asking her if she is wearing her rasheed MESH shirt.
ANyway, kwames 0 for 3 LIVE!!! WHile we wait for kwame to get the handle, what do we think of the nets game. Pretty ugly stuff. But thabts OK. I had adream that me and kwame were oin this weird urban adventure, like in the scorcese movie AFter Hours. We had some french dressing but is was white!! Weird shit!!! Played some dominos, and went to abe pollins. he was dressed like a dominatrix, and then we got covered in plaster and cheech and chong and cheany (cal;bert) stole US!!! but it was all good. Just a dream. So wizz down 6 to twolves. That team was raised by wolves more like. gay wolves!!

James - 8:28 PM




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