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Friday, November 22, 2002

Darvins going The most powerful place in the industrialized world: TYSONS 1!!!!!
Darvins going to DODGE!!!! Im taking the wizznutzz charter for a weekend a wizzards games, wizards dialogue, and Andy Capp hot fries that WERE NOT THERE THE NIGHT BEFORE?! And this weekend should mark our 1000th hits!!!! ON the site!! If you are l;ooking at our sit and see the 1`000 mark below your kwame french dressing picture, enmail us for your thoughts on our milestohne for a free pair of JAHIDI FLOSS bikini pants!!!
Brendan "Hay Hay look at me im 7 feet!" Haywood is playing it cool about facing Yao "first and last name" Ming tonight. I watched Yao Yao go mad last night. I think BHay's only shot is to yank Yaos Trous down around his CLaus Von Bulowzz!!!!! And in more important news, JEFF RULAND MADE HE FRONT OF THE NYTIMES SPORTS PAGE TODAY!!! But it wasnt very nice to Jeff, accused him of drafting a 34 year old dude for ther NBA developmental league he coaches, and not a young fellow the league is supposedly arranged for1!!! Outrageous. And he shgould know bgetter, for the Bullets are the greatest developmental league ever!!!
WIzards players serve turkey to 5 or 6 old people, all memebrs of Wiz fav. charity "Ledell's WIves"!!! FInd the "more photos "link on the right!!

James - 9:49 AM




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