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Thursday, November 21, 2002

Agreed Dana Dane! Great article By Rachel Alexander Von Greatness. My favorite part was when sh said:
Now in his second season, the terrain of his experience is shaping up to be much more firm and fragrant but no more level.
"Firm and Fragrant", isnt that the name of Charles Oakleys' new line of body shampoos??
It made me sad to hear that Kwames has been teased about the french dressing incident. Learning aboiut dressings is one of those key moments in your life when you realize that innocence, once a virtue, now maybe a vice, in a world of men drawing short-lived lines in the sand. One things i know for is for sure, KwBrown is now the worlds goddam greatest expert on salad dressing, thats for sure. Kwame s putting Roquefort and Walnut Vinagrette on his greens, truffle Hazlenut Aioli on his waffles. Get your dammed dressings in order if you want to be enjoying the company of one Kwame Brown my friends.

James - 9:00 AM




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