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Thursday, October 31, 2002

I said to myself before last night game that Im gonna wait 10 gamezz before I say what I say about the Wizz. Maybe Ill make that 11 gamez. I cant find the words to talk about last nights game rtight now, so ill just give huge props to kwame.
Truth be told, I'd rather watch a kwame brown reality show --called "The Kwame" -- than a wizards game, but this will have to do. I think Brent Mussberger fell in love on national television; a love forbidden. And all thje while Patrick thouight of the beans. Coach Collins will be talking to Patrcik about all the beans when the seasons over, right up until he steadys the rifle to the back of Patricks head, pulls the trigger and sets the innocent giant free.
Kwame was a machine, and all without a hint of an offensive game. Hes still rushing everything, but this year, he seems to be in the right place almost all the time, which is what makes ben wallace such a monster. And kwame has far more offensive upside that big benjamin. SO lets look forward to tonights game with the celtycelts.

James - 5:08 PM




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