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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Thanks you Mr. Darvin for the warm greeting. Warm isn't something I used to coming from ROMANIA (not Russia, though they did occupy us like Jahidi occupies a booth or two at Bends Childi Bowl for some 42 years, so no I not bitter about inglorious mistake, you Mr. Ham), but I thanks you anyways. Here is info on ROMANIA from the CIA, Mr. Darvin and I hopes enjoy you. Unlike like you knowledge, I think it highly accurate. And here what Library of Congress of U.S. of Native of America say about Romania. All info gathered during coldest war by top secret spy Nadia Comeneci!!! See her Unoffical Fan Page!! everything unoffical in deepest Romania!!)

Wizzards ore season and therefore season is like Cold War versus Wins!!! Eddie Jordans stumble offense is confusing but amusing!! We will wait this season of attrition out, however, defeat this ice of coldness until Kwame fires the last shot from the tunnel of love in the season's dying moments, clanking his ball off my beard but falling into my heart.

Breaking News straight from Czar of Post! Jer Jer Binks Stackhouse has "worn lining." Status of playing and chafing uncertain. It all because he wore boxers instead of Hidi Rugged Intimates!

Yurgi - 8:18 PM




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