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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Hi! My name is Jarkko Ruutu! I am Finish exachange student and new WizzNutzz intern who love the basketball sport of NBA! Finland is Scandanavian country and we have pro basket of balls but it no NBA compare!! HA HA!! Here Finland pro league info. Your favorite team Jyväskylä? Mine too! Not really!!! My favorirte team is Jyväskylä II!! Douche bag!! (Wizzntuzz team me swear words in Englandish!!) But I also love Porvoon Tarmo (but who don't? RIGHT !!! Maybe Yankeees of Finalnd!!!)

I one of many interns who bring knowledge and forgein thoughts to WizzNutsss in 2003-21005 season! I look forward to spill knowledge on you and yours douche bags!! HA HA! Oh, and I chaser not chub!! FINS LOVE WHALE MEAT!! Hidi AND Jarvis Bangers&Mash you are mine!!! Love, Jarkko!!!

Jarkko - 9:06 PM




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