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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

hi it's me DANA VON POST GAME CALL IN SHOW GIRL!!! BACk from chasing chico debarge acorss the united of states and the western plains all the way to the deepest part of chiapas mexico!!!!!!!!!!!! ken beatrice, my trusty kidnapped assistaNT and former famous host of sportstalk radio in DC before Steve Czban started calling people gay (WHO AREN'T NOT!!!), is now a revolutionary with the Zapatistas! He goes by the naME of Bandito Beatrice now, and he wears a handlebar mustache fashioned from yak wool and the the hairy skins of capitalist pigs!!!! Bandito Beatrice also wears an X of bullets across his chest and back, but he;s not allowed to have a gun because he has an itchy crotch and trigger finger! Senior Pancho our leader HATES the itchy trigger finger!!! SO DOES CHICO DEBARGE! I fired off a round or two BBY ACCIDENT and he HATED IT!!!

Ken Bandito bEATRICE and I will post notes and thought about the Wizz from time to time from here in the hills of Chiapas (in between raids on banks and multinational NAFTA corporations and such, natch!!!). But I understand that the WizzNutzz have a whole host of international interns brewing for the 2003-2004 season. I Just hope they can keep up the high qualty that me and Ken brought to the laptop!!! Viva La Revolution! Viva La Arenas!!! Viva La 8 Day Beach Rental!!! Viva La Out of Shape Draft Picks Not Named Hidi!!! Viva La Abe and His Invitro Farm in Prince George's County, which needs the economic injection!!! VIVA LA DANA!!!!!!!!!

Dana - 10:35 PM




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