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Monday, October 13, 2003

Happy to the Columbus Day from Jarrko of Finland! You americans are so dumb celebrating a man who didn't discover america!!!! America was discoverd way before columbus brought the euro flu here!! First you have the Natives who looked under their feet and saw America and FOUND. Then vikings were in america 500 years before Nina Pinta Santa Maria (who i watched on Spectravision last night!!!) and the Irish (i call em Celts) came to states 1000 years before that!!! But you take the day off anyway? I LOVE AMERICA!!!! Finland, goodbye! Lapland (right next to Bada Bing Club) HELLO!!!!!!

And because you have day off, do something productive!! Go to Wizards free scrimmage practice at 1p.m. today and witness patience!!!! RANDELL JACKSON may make appearance!!!! So might Jer Jer Binks Stinkhouse's knee and dislocated hip which is being analyzed by members of the L. Williams family!! DOCTOR WILLIAMS, TO YOU!!! I SEee you soon, Hidi!! Keep up the perfume fuel!!!

And here's something I never thought I'd see growing up in finalnd and dreaming of Bob Segar: Quotes from a ROdney Crowell song that Bob Segar sings to introduce a story about Big Ben The BODY Ventura Wallace!!! SEGAR is the WAY TO BRING RACES TOGETHER!!! Ive said that for years!!! TURN THE PAGE!!

Jarkko - 8:00 AM




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