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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Buna ziua all of you people of Wizards fans!!! I am Yurgi Arginzoniz, from Romania, but you can call me Yurgi---or Balki, as Jarrko does---and I am also too intern for WizzNutzz this year. I hope to work with Jarrko very much and bring you updates and incites into the basket of balls. Even though Jarrko is pure blond and highly white and shaven pure and from the great north and partial to Steve Blake playing 40 minutes a game, I hope we get along. See, this what I look like:

Handsome, and professional, yes? Yes! Just like James and Christopher say in highly laughing interview!!! But I partial to Mr. Kwame and his professional manchildness and beautiful rubrics of moist flesh. And between my gypsy love of Mr. Kwame and elegant beard and sense of haberdashery (I known as a fashionistia in Bucharest!), the WizzNutzz knew they had very handsomebeautiful and perfect intern candidate.

For first incite I like promote the RETURN OF MITCHELL BUTLER from Yakima, Washington, and back to the Washington of the D.C., home of the bends chili bowl (which I found out last night!!!). And I like to for number two (chili bowl style! ha ha just kid, Romanian style!) promote article about Jarrko's desirous playmate Steve Blake and his needs to help Gilbert Aereolas in season this!!! Goulash!!!

Yurgi - 10:24 PM




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