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Monday, June 02, 2003

Hey everyoen, i'm weary and tire.d.. dana has been driving us for days on end,..the chatter from that woman is nonstop and highpitched and she wont stop crying then laughing and debarging. i dont' know to escsape. i'm ascared.

But i don't want to let my wizznutz reader(s) down and so i link and post this: from our pal Terry Foster of the Det news on why Pistons fired Rick Carlysieiey in favor of Larry Brown:
"The Pistons were afraid they would end up going down the same path this organization went with Doug Collins. If you remember, the Pistons kept Collins as coach despite consecutive playoff appearances and 100 victories in two seasons. The Pistons should have moved on. Instead, Collins set back the franchise so far that only now is it coming out of the mess."

Sound familiar?

I hope to post again soon. While the southwest is nice this time of year, I need to find a police station before we get to the border.

Ken - 6:52 AM




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