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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

hi everydoy ity's KEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm with Dana nd we are lookign dfor Chico Debarge and it's not going welll! Not the part about me being with Dana!1 Dana is the best she';s so nice she's so kind she's so perfectly formed and litter-free just like Dear Old Stockholm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it here in Sweden in my mind and Dana is the great benevelolent queen of all that is good even when she yells which is often but it makes me feel safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we still haven't found chico but we will NEVER stop looking. i don't know why we have to uncover every stone but DANA SWEARS CHICO LIVES UNDER THE ROCKS AND SHE IS THE QUARRY MASTER!!! so she screams nice afer night after night!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel bad i've negelctd my Wizznutzz duties. I had my big chance and i blew it because Dana kidnapped me But I LOVE IT SHE'S SO GOOD TO ME!!! SHE GAVE ME FOOD ONCE LAST WEEK!!! GOOD GRACIOUS QUEEN OF THE QUARRY!!!!!!!!
But while Dana is sleeping i found this allnight computer terminal in a midwest coffee shop and i'm goona updatre the site and make James and Chirstoopehr proud!!!!!!!!!

Bullets retro night tonight and they decide to get TRULY IN CHARACTER and LOSE!!!!. But KWAME BRown was named the player of the game!!!!!!!!!! Look at this line from the WashPoist: "Brown (17 points, nine rebounds), who was spectacular in the second half": WHO HE WAS! SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!! ANd he and Mr. Haywood Jefferies LOOKed spectacular too!!!

Mr. Tyronn Lue and Dr. Larry Hughes look darn good too!!!!! CHEck out Mr. Lue's shoes (Dana calls them "kicks"!! SHE's the BEst!!!)

But notice Mr. Jahidi below. He's the only sweaty Bullet. Why? Answer below.

Because he's a seal and they must stay moist ALWAYS!!!!!!

If the fellas wanted to be REALLY retro thought thye should NOT wear baggy shorts. They should wear some really tiny n tight mitch kupchecks!!!!!! Phil Chenier's apple ass as role model for the youth!! YOU CAN LEARN WHiLE CONSTRICTED!! I KNOW!!!

I'm gonna go back to Dana before she wakes up and gets VERY ANGRY (but in a good way for she is as great as Swedish Schnapps and twice as tasty!!!) See you all soon. PRAY FOR ME!!! Love, Ken

Ken - 10:49 PM




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