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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Wizz lost tore Raptors AGAIN, and the season just gets worse and worse. Phantom stinks. Stone Hands stinks. KW. BRown don't play enough. BRian Cardnial is working at a car wash. Hidi is too fat to play. I saw him on the bench last night. He looked like an overweight porpoise in his chair. You know how NBA sweatpants have buttons on the side so they can tear them open and run into the game really fast and all? Hidi's sweatpants have double stitching on the side and a belt and suspenders around the waist. He knows he's not gettin' off the pine.

Here are the Wizz MVPs, besides Kw.BRown, of course, as proven by last night's game:
Boogie Hughes: 15 points, 6 rebs and 4 assists.
Sister Laettner: 12 points, 12 johnny rebs

Washington Times reported this:
Following a timeout in which center Brendan Haywood missed a point-blank layup, Collins told the 7-footer, "Son, you've gotta dunk the ball!"

Stone Hands Haywood just kills this team!

WizLook at this Wash Times account of another Stoney Killer moment
With the Wizards down 87-84 following a layup by Vince Carter (24 points), Washington's Christian Laettner notched a pair of free throws with 50.7 seconds left. And after Laettner grabbed a rebound, the Wizards used their last timeout with 25 seconds to play. However, Stackhouse missed a layup that was stoutly challenged by Antonio Davis, and Haywood could not corral the rebound.
It bounced off his ignatious rock hands and bounced away even though NO ONE ELSE TOUCHED HIM OR THE BALL. Haywood has damn boulders at the end of his arms. Ever see someone try to dish one to him under the basket? He looks like a seal trying to palm a beach ball. STINKS!

Darvin is still feeling the effects of TOO MUCH WALLABEE while he was Down Under !! HE's gonna try to check in later today though! Czech! Checks!

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