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Friday, March 14, 2003

Oh my everybody!!!! We wizznutzz interns have a veritible cornicrapia of updates and links today!!! Lucky you!! Moist me!!!!
Here is a photo of Ken's Krew, a Middle Eastern gang of fans for our fellow intern Ken Beatice, who cut their heads with swords during the annual ritual to mark Your Call Day in the southern town of Nabatiyeh (which is in PG County, just outside of Oxon Hill). Hundreds of Ken's Krew in PG County marked the 7th century killing of their most revered saint Imam Phil Wood by slashing their heads with blades on the occasion known as "Andypolley Hate God and Ken and Phil and Hockey Day." Imam Phil Wood was a relative of Sporttalk's Prophet Ken Beatrice and is a symbol of martydrom for Sportstalk980 call-in putzes like Steve the Sycophant.

And here's is some stuff from the Detroit papers on Salieri and the Wizz:
--A story on Salieri's "Mystique" (I thought her name was Karla) and how that makes the Wizz "a playoff threat." In the words of that band Run-DMC covered "DREAM ON." The piece basically says that the NBA will cheat to get Salieri into the playoffs and help the Wizz advance. Well that would be the first (and only) beneficial thing about having Salieri on the team.
--This story is about how Michael is good at "razzing" people. Jon Barry said "razzing." He is a white person. A "slow white" person says SAlieri. RACIST!!!!!
--This one is about Salieri beating the Pistons then become His Air(ball)ness. If only he were still able to believe he could fly. Believe he could touch the sky. He's thinks about it every night and day. Spreads his legs and slides away. I believe I'm a guy.
--Here's a C Webb interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In it football player Jumbo Elliott threatens to break his legs!!! Then eat them!!! WITHOUT SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!

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