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Friday, March 14, 2003

More Salieri slobbing, but this time from our Main Manchild of Adulthood DAVID ALDRIDGE!!! Oh, Dave! OH DAVE! SAlieri should not be celebrated for showing up. I SHOWED UP to WORK TODAY, WHERE"S my Tickertape parade? Where's my tribute column from Black Thanksgiving? Where's my whores? I SAY WHERE"S MY WHORES!@!!!! No where to be found. Darvin tried to scribe me a tribute column, but when he writes with crayon it's practically illegible. Ken Beatrice Intern tried to writre me a tribute column too, but I refuse to accept anything written in another person's blood. (Yes, Ken, I know you were just draining out the bad spirits, but keep the hemoglobin to yourself !!!!!). No true tickertape parade, though Darv and Ken recently did use the paper shredder on a bunch of Wizznutzz legal documents (seems that a lawsuit was filed by the CHinese Pro Basketball Association against the top secret God Shammgod Crown of Thorns that James and Christopher were developing), and then we threw all the paper up in the air and rolled in it and touched some. And the whores? We'll Rod Strickland's crotch is all healed up, so I can only hope that he brings his gimpy groin by for a booty call. CHIco's welcome too!

Dana - 9:11 AM




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