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Monday, March 03, 2003

Hey everybody!!! DARVIN'S HOME!!! I just talked to him on the phone!! He said, "Top o' the morning to ya, Dana! Have a bite o' me Vegamite sandwich. Would you like a dead wallabye with that basketball?" DARVIN IS SO AUSTRAILIAN NOW!!!! COOOL!!!

Here's why the Wizz season is over; this is Doug The Phantom Collins as quoted in the Washington Post story about Juanita Bacon Dispenser Dixon's point guard skillz:
"Juan is still learning," said Collins, who added that so was he when it comes to his personnel.

YOU ARE STILL LEARNING YOUR PERSONEL? There are 23 games left you dumbass! You'd think you'd check a scouting report, figure out who's on your team you DAMN PHANTOM! Let me introduce you to the team's savior: Kw.Brown, the nubile narcisuss that you've had parked on the bench for most of the past two weeks. Hey, meet Brian Cardinal---he was the chez whitey you waived last week. Hey, Bobby Simmons, meet your coach. Anthony Goldwire, enjoy your Andrew Gaze 10 Day ContraCT, but don't start looking to buy in the DC area. B Russ? Member him? He stinks, but member him? Hidi White? He's the fat guy at the end of the bench. Everyone else is injured. THIS IS YOUR AWESOME TEAM PHANTOM!!! Make due!!!!

Dana - 11:23 PM




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