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Monday, March 10, 2003

Hey Darvin. I was watching "GlobeTrekker" on PBS and the little English host said, "Austrailia is a flat country." I thought, "So that explains Nicole Kidman's bum. But how does it deal with Elle MacPherson?" Think about it. Just think about it.

I'm still waiting for me Vegemite and me Colin Hay live-acoustic CD-R. BITCH!

I hate SAlieri. I hate him so. He's mean and untoward and faithless and he's wearing a white suit in the lockerroom when he should be wearing a poop-colored suit because that's what he's turned this team into. Poooooop. Just to rub it in---his faithlessness not the poop---here's that picture again of White Knight and his lady, Karla.

Kw.BRown, stay the course. We shall hold you one day. We shall hold you and that giant trinket of an NBA trophy they spill alcohol on at the end of the season----the reason why you are payed millions to be nubile, pliant, supple and mos def so so moist. In fact, after the practice this morning a very soaking Kwame said, "Everyone was kind of quiet, walking on eggshells. There wasn't a lot of joking around like there usually is. Guys were just going about their work."

Great, Salieri, you satchell de ballz. Eggshells. Just what this this team needs right now. I'M BEING SARCASTIC THERE. What this team really needs is a hot-oil massage and a schvitz.

Dana - 8:20 PM




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