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Thursday, March 20, 2003

Hello, everybody. It may be your show, but this is my blog! I am Ken the Intern, fresh from the Mothering Hut and a field trip to see the Wizards lose to the Pistons, thanks to our good friend and dirty uncle, Mr. Pete Sweigard, who did the interview with us for SportsFan Magazine! Here's a photo I took of Dirty Uncle Pete (he's the one with the helpful "P" on the hat) with Christopher (left) and the WizzNutzz's Official Squished Penny Curator, Petey Mo', who suffers from a certain hunching of the back---it's nothing to laugh at people! Notice the snazzy WizzNutzz t-shirts; order yours here today!

I am very sad because we are at war, but I support the troops 100%, who my scouts say should kick some Iraqi fanny. I drink a Jamocha shake to the Iraqis' general direction to honor these downtrodden desert people and I can't wait to give them my curly fries, which I always carefully remove from my value-meal bag. As my recently deceased friend Bernie knows, I nevah eat fried foods! Nevah! But its the American way to provide easy access to deep-fried foods for poor people so they can develop heart disease and obesity, and I am 100% of the United States.

I recently attended the Wizards charity bowling event in Bethesda, Maryland, and I snapped these candid combed-out photos of Kwame Brown, the best Wizard there is and one with a deep sadness, as I witnessed while at the Wiz vs. Pistons game. Kwame refused to go over to the huddle during timeouts, even rebuffing the request of fellow pine-rider Juan Dixon, who asked Kwame to join them. Kwame also sat alone at the end of the bench. His demeanor was nothing like the happy-go-lucky "manchild" (as Dana and Darvin insist on calling this young athletic phenom) that you see in these snapshots. If you look hard enough, you can see Mugsy Bogues hiding in Kwames' hair.

Wow! I feel so relieved! I made it through my first blog entry without any mistakes, meltdowns or outbursts. The Mothering Hut really works! I think I am enjoying myself! I look forward to communicating with you all again very soon!

Ken - 9:00 PM




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