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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Wizz win last game before Allstar break, but the main thing is The Phantom praising Kwames and this story about OUR KWAMES LOSING MOISTURE!!!
Brown came to practice Monday sick to his stomach and spent part of the two-hour workout vomiting. He finished the practice and actually performed well, Coach Doug Collins said. "Last year he wouldn't have even practiced," Collins said.
POor Kwames!! I lose moisture all the time too!!! I'm a leaker!!!
But that's OK, you can rehydrate because according to Coach Hardass Phantom face you area BADASS Who can puke 'n' pracitice in 2003 like nobody's business!!! Last year you woulda just cried and had your face break out and prehaps look at the barf and think existential thoughts about "WHAT AM I DOING HERE? I'm 18 years old, far away from home, and I'm sad and lonely, and this throw-up just shows that I am weak emotionally and sick the heart for MY beloved small-town Georgia home."
Not this year Kwames, not this year. Stay moist, my Manchild.

Dana - 8:08 AM




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