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Sunday, February 16, 2003

wITH another bad Wizz loss, 109-77, and the younger peoples not playing, and Stack out, and stuff, it's getting hard to watch. Now we have two feet of snow on the ground, and we can't leave the WizzNutzz offices---it's just me and Ken stuck here, eating microwave popcorn, elder pizza crusts, and cartons of Vegemite that Darvin brought back last time he went to Austrailia. In other words, with James and Christopher stuck at home, and Darvin playying soome b-ball with Andy Gaze in Melbourne, it's lonely around here---and with Ken getting his usual winter psychosis and stir-craziness, more than a little frightening (I've never seen anyone be able to jam so many products up his nose in one sitting than ken did last night. After his nasal cavity was full, his eyes started bugging, his mouth was foaming, and he started laughing and screaming "It's your show!!! It's my nose!! It's your show!! It's MY NOSE!!!")

In order to placate myself during this wintertime bblues and try to make me feel better, I gagged Ken and shut him into the broom closet and I've already read 16 times the online version of Dirty Uncle Pete's awesome and cool SportsFan Magazine story on Our Dear Elders james and Christopher, and you can click here and read it too!!!! Thx again Uncle Pete! I promsie to give you the Dirty Sanchez Hummer that you requested!!!

Later I let Ken out of the closet and we went out and made this Snowmanchild !! Ken drank a lot of blue kool aid and inscribed the Wiz logo in the most appropriate manner!! Good aim, Ken!!

Dana - 6:30 PM




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