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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

We've got the full exclusive collection of prototype RETRO JERSEYS right here!!! Click on the orange and see what all the kidz and 44-year-old Washington Post sportswriters will be wearing in the neAR future!!!! This is a WizzNutzz exclusive!!! You owe it to yourself and your children and your children's baby's mommas to look at this page if you wanna know what's hot!!!! (Think crotchless molehair wrestling suits from Binghamton U.!!! Now think about it again!!!! DOESN"T IT FEEL GOOD!!??"")

James and Christopher are featured in the new issue of Sportsfan Magazine in an excellennt fesature by Alltime Honorary Forever WizzNutzz family member Pete Sweigard. If Bram Weinstein is our Poppa, Pete is our Dirty Uncle!!! Welcome to the family PETE!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! (Even if you didn't mention me and Darvin by name inyour article and instead you only mentioned intern Ken Beatrice, who is just a dirty nobber who always screws up the office equipment and is always entering malaicious code into the Web site and who is always opening attachments from "Big Boss" and infecting our network and who is always falling for the "Delete this file from your computer" e-mails and thereforre rendering TONS of hard work useless, which is why this site looks rough from time to time despite all of us working TOTALLY HARD to make this site TOTALLY PROFESSIONAL!!!!) Still, Pete, we love you!!! And we are taking care of Ken in the Mothering Hut for extended periods to curb his now outsized ego and inflated sense of self-importance to WizzNutzz Inc. WE SHALL TEACH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete's supercool superfan story will be online here in a few days. Right now you can read about Caps superfan Edison Dick!!! He's really old but he still prints his first name on the back of a Caps jersey!! WHich is probably smart relatively speaking since his last name is Dick!!! There's so many inventive and clever things Flyers fans (since they are the only ones at Caps games) could do with a target like "Dick 99" on a Caps sweater!!! WE KID CUS WE LOVE!! Not love dick (though I don't mind it, if i do say so myself), but the Caps!! We are big Caps fans!! WE ARE DISTENDED AND ENGORGED CAPS FANS!! Me and Darvin will write a column about basketball and hockey very soon for LCS HOckey!!!

By the way, the gam elast night sucked!!! MORE KWAMES, LESS B RUSS!!! DOWN WITH SALIERI!!! Up with Antiseptic Dixon!!!!

MORE WIZZNUTZZ breaking NEWS!!! Rip Hamilton and Phantom Collins have "relationship"; is Phantom trying to woo back Rip to Wizz? ALDEMARN UNSELD HEAR OUR PRAYERS AND LOOK AT THIS QUOTE: ""Me and Doug have conversated a lot since I've been traded here," Hamilton said. "I think it's more of us having a relationship." CONVERSATED!!! TLA!! TLA!!! TLA!!!

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