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Sunday, February 09, 2003

Vince let Salieri (aka His Airballness) start in the Allstar game!! It would have been better if Salieri let Jer Jer Binz start, but I digress.

Why does the Atlanta arena look like a high school gym? I think cuz there's no lights in the stands. You can't see any celebraties!!!! OH Wait!! There's Michael Wilbon!!! It looks like he's eating a plate of turkey and mashed potatos!!!!

Maria is lookin' fine in her Salieri outfits, especially as she difficulty from reads his bio from a teleprompter. JORDAN IS filled with tears at Maria's performance!! So am I!!! THOSE HIGH NOTES HURT MY DELICATE CAULIFLOWER EARS!!

ENough of all that, here are what you all are waiting for: Some T Nes links!!!!
--Stats for his Greek team,which he plays for now. They call him SoCrates in Athens!!!
--When T Nes was arrested for an old-ass assaults case in Indy!!
---When T Nes went off on Leo Hamilton!!! THE COACH!!!
---When T Nes went off on LEnnyt Hamilton again!!

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