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Thursday, February 27, 2003

I'm so excited from today's game that I'm sitting in a puddle of mine own pleasure!!!! Have you thyne own pleasure? SIT IN IT!!! Wizz beat Yao Mings 100-98 in overtime. Lil Lue got hurt and was woozy when his head was crushed to the floor. HE LOOKED LIKE KEN AFTER A DAY AT OUR OFFICE!! It was an awesome cool game that the Wizz were up by 20 for then they blew it ans then they won it and it was all good but THIS ONE STAT!!!!!!

>K. Brown DNP - Coach's Decision

KWAME DNP? WHAt the hell? TOm Ridge just set the country to CODE RED because of this transgression against U.S. soverngity!! It would be understandable to see a Kwame DNP if he was hurt, but he's not; he's a nubile narcissus, one capable of running at 50% for a 48-minute game in its entirety, and when you're KWAMES!!! you need only give 50% to get 6 points and 5 rebs!!!! AND THAT's WHAT WE EXPECT!!! Doug Phantom Collins has just made me plotz!!! I do not know what that means, but I've most surely done it---twice!!! Damn you PhantoM!!!!! You dind't give Jahidi Flippers Intimates any time either; he got a big fat DNP too, with an empahsis on the "big fat" I think Hidi was eating some Executive Nachoes on the bench! It looked like he was rockin' Xtra Cheese!!!!

Hey, everybody who reads this today, please write me!!! I'm so lonely until Darvin returns, and Ken is just now returning to consciousness (sorry about the roofies, Ken!!!). Please send me an e-mail: wizznutzz@yahoo.com. You can just say HIDANA or you can say Hi and tell me your favorite Wizards moments and what you were doing to yourself while you were viewing said moments (i,e., shaving while watching C Webb get his first double-double in his stylish Bulletz red, or possibly tossing a salad as The Bomb Squad Tim TOm Legler and Brent Mark Price shot 3 for 15 from the field. DON"T FORGET REX CHAPMAN MOMEMTNS!! He was so incandescent!! Especially in his teeth!!!)

Here's a long ass article about Patrick "Beans" Ewing. I didn't quite finsih it because I got sleepy about midway through the PATRICK IS BESTEST claim (there are thousands), and it doesn't look like they mention the Gold CLub at all!!!

Michael Black Thanksgiving Wilbon musta realzied that Salieri only had 20something games left: "Crikey, I better put down this cranberry sauce and send the Post another one of my already-written MJ IS THE BEST columns! I'll throw in some Yao references and then it'll be back to the Turkey and taters! AND THE DIRECTV! MOMMA I'm COMIN' HOME!"

Dana - 10:47 PM




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