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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

I have one landslide of a hangover!!!! HOTLANTA, I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!! AND I LOVED YOU FOREVER!!! Those Jahi Intimates really work!!! Especially on NBDL hopefuls and hopelessesss!!!!! (p.s. Some people ask me, "Hey Dana, are those real?" I just slap the sucka and say, "Everything in the WizzNutzz store is 4 Real and ready for purchase. In fact, I'm trying to upload myself 4 sale." How come people think we are making stuff up? PRODUCTS IS REAL!!! So is WizzNutzz!!! So is the Mothering Hut!!!

Well, it only took 50 games for the Wizz to find out what the 76ers and the Golden Staters knew from his first three years in the league: Larry "L Boogie" Hughes isn't a point guard. Lil' Lue is gonna start in his place. We love Lil Lue, aka Mushmouth, here at WizzNutzz as you can see from Sioux23's beautiful inspiration portraiture. But it feels like Mugsy reborn when he's out there, even though Lue is taller and can look Dana in the eye and other body parts!! Dana is tall!! I'm large and in charge!!!! We'LL SEE how it all works out with L Boogie of the bench, and he'll play with B Russ and Antiseptic Dixon, which is cool cause it means Juanita Dixon Jordan Dixon gets to play more. Alderman Unseld you heard our prayers!!!! Now if you can get Kwames in there for 48 minutes a game, even if he only gives 50%, I think the Wizz will have a legit shot at Bron Bron!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Crap!! Black Thanskgiving Wilbon is back playing >"Polish the Salieri" in his column!!! Here is the best line "We can forget about Mariah's dress (yeah, boyee!)." That's the work of a 44-year-old man!!!! Bring the noise!!! Street smart and full of thanksgiving!!!! Normally we have to wait two weeks between Wilbon's Salieri shines; it must be Hotlanta's mashed potatos and turkey breaking down Wilbon's defenses!! Tryptofan is a honoroary WizzNutzz!!!!!

Dana - 7:53 AM




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