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Monday, February 24, 2003

Hi everybody. I'm depressed. Darvin has been gone for more than a week. Ken has been, uh, missing, yes, missing, but surely he'll return. I swear he'll return. He may be bruised, but I swear he'll return. If he wakes up. That's it; he's sleeping. Just resting his eyes. Ahh, I feel better. See you soon, Ken.

Anyway, with Darvin gone and Ken sleeping, it's been very quiet around WizzNutzz HQ. Christopher and James have been very busy as of late, and they've just been checking in on their cell phones. I tell them everything is fine, but everything isn't fine. I'm depressed. And lonely. Where's Rod and Chico when you need a pick-me-up? (not to mention a throw-me-down).

Wizz are losing a lot. L Boogie is out three weeks with an ankle sprain. Kw.Brown is playing, like, 5 mins a game.

Darvin: Don't be surprised if y'all find me with a death grip around a bottle of Old Crow when you return. BUT WAKE ME FOR THE VEGEMITE SANDWICHES!!!!!!!!!

Dana - 9:47 PM




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