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Thursday, February 06, 2003

Hi Darvin!! Great linking today. I love the Korny story on Kwames. For the first time in years Fat Bald Orange Combover Korny didn't phone in a warmed-over column from his air chair at WTEM/ESPN Radio, and Kwames is proving that he's a very smart and sensitive cat. I just wish there was a tribute site to him and the Wizards that matched Kwame's intelligence. Instead, all Manchild gets is us!

I love the Wilbon column, too, because you can tell that his columns are first drafts and usually written with a professional athlete knob-polishing in mind---just like WizzNutzz.com!!! Here's a Wilbon line that escaped all the editors at the Post: "Unseld's old Bullets jersey, as James noted yesterday, is red, white and blue..." BRON BRON KNOWS HIS COLORS!!! That's so beyond what I would expect from a Manchild Jr.!!!

And finally, the C Whit article is the Best!! I love that a career backup with chronic plantar fascitis and rocky mountain ankles is ordering around foreign rookies!!! AMERICA IS SOOO DAMN GREAT!!!

Look at the very last entry in this otherwise dumbass Hot or Not column. THANX FOR THE JINX, A-HOLE!!!

Dana - 6:41 PM




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