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Friday, February 14, 2003

Bye Darvin!!! I'll hold down the fort while you're gone!!! I'll hold down Ken, too! He's very wispy and not much of a fighter. Should be no problem!! Especially with these shackles!!

aNOTHER WIZZNUTZZ EXCLUSIVE!!!! G-WIZ PROtotype costume sketch!! When the Wiz were trying to figure out how to replace the Bulletz mascot, HOOPS, they first tried to include some b-ball elements like with their much maligned rim-and-basket head with eyes, as to not shock the kids (Kwame, Etan, etc), but of course they wanted to use some fresh Wizz flava!! See the early spawn of the Abe Pollin Invitro-Fertalization Mascot Farm, complete with the competing and conflicting top-secret memos from Honest Abe and Susan O'Malley about what they thought of the redesign!!! CLICK HERE FOR FULL TOP SCECTER ARTWORK!!!!

Wiz are gnnna be sitting Kwame and Etan an d Antiseptic Dixon and other young people. The season is, alas, over.

Dana - 2:47 PM




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