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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Wizz won'd the Suns!!!on a last minute Stack block of tthe bigger, stronnger, moister Scott Williams (rembeber that chump from the Chicago Bulls? He's a champion. A chmapion chump!!!) He had the ball stuffed so precisely and so clean that Stack might have been wearing surgical scrubs and be lubed up with antibacterial cream (thanks, Juan Dixon for the loaner!!). Yet Scott Williams, who is a chump and who sucks harder than a hoover and twice as luc longley, said this: "You guys know I always talk to the media after the games,'' he said. "But to save myself a little money I'm not going to have any comment after tonight's ballgame. Not at all.'' Why? Were you gonna blame the officials that a smaller man (height) grew bigger (heart) and rejected you like every girl you ever asked out on a date? Bitch!! "It was a great block,'' Stefon Marbury said.That's right, STefon!! PLay on, brother!!! B Russ said this about Stack: ""I don't think he wears that No. 42 for nothing,'' teammate Bryon Russell said. "I think he's got a 42-inch vertical cock.'' WHOA!

Look here!! Coach Doug Phantom takes a shot across of the bow of the small hands of our Own Manchild by praising Phoenix's MANchild Amere Stoudsamire!!! He says Amere watches tapes and tries hard for a teen!!! What and Kwames doesn't? He DOES TO!!! Kwames said he gives about 50% each game, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT???? So, Coach Phantom is pretty much calling Kwames "Childman" instead of Manchild. So it is, so it is...

This piece talks about how Stack should be an all-star----MOS DEF so sayeth G-Wizz, the cheating foam bastard---and how Salieri should be too. It also says Amerre Stoudemere is the best piece of sliced bread since slice bread and that he's more better than Childman. How is Amere Manchild's 12.9 points and 9.8 rebounds averages better than Kwames Childman's rookie averages of 4.5 pts and 3.5 rebs? I don't see how. I just don't see how. Especioallly since this year Childman is at 7.6 and 5.8---add the two years together and the Childman ALMOST beats the Manchild Amere SMALL HANDS DOWN !!!! Nuff said!!!

Meanwhile, our good friend who never writes us back, Marc Stein, he of the Marc Stein Beer Stein in the WizzBizz store, says Salieri should stay home and roast his marshmallowws if he doesn't want to bne a n allstar reserved and that Stack should be a reserve allstar. G-Wizz, start politicing for Allstar Stack, you Blue Whore!!!

Here's the TRUE STORY behind the Sheed and The Ref incident by our GOod friendc David Aldrgiege. Sheed and The Ref was one of my favorite TV shows growing up., I loved how Sheed played the affable young Chicano and The Ref played a cranky old caucasian garage owner, yet they both got along in the end!! !That's ultimately what the WizzNutzz are all about!

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