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Thursday, January 09, 2003

Wizz beat Chicago again!! Kwames and L Hugh Hughes and Sister Christian all played really well and put up great numbers; meanwhile, Jerry Stackhouse shot 2 for 10. He musta had a fight with love G-Wiz before the game. Keep the home at home, Stack!!!

But the big news of the night involves honorary WizzNut Mr,. Yao Ming. During Houston's game against Atlanta, Yao Ming was scratched across his back by the Rainman, Shawn Kemp. EEEEWWWW!! It was a deep, long, bloody scratch !!! Ewwww!! Dear Mr. Yao Ming, please get to a doctor and take a tetnas shot or three !!! You don't know where The Kemp has been !! (Though, like breadcrumbs, you could track Rainman's trail of children if you wanted to find out).

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